Dr. Dawn Mamikunian LAc, DACM, Dr. Matt Buffan DC,  Dr. Doreen Bell ND and Acupuncturist:  Alicia Knutson, LAc and Jennifer Dabu, L.Ac.


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Welcome to our online appointment system.

If you have a problem with scheduling or need to speak with someone directly please call the following numbers.

For Acupuncture with Dawn Mamikunian, Alicia Knutson and Jennifer Dabu call 585-402-1007

For Dr. Matt Buffan's Movement Rx soft tissue & spine Chiropractic call 585-678-1362. If you are a new patient who has not been to the office you must schedule your initial consultation by calling the office during our working hours.

For Naturopathic Care and Functional Medicine with Doreen Bell call 585-205-8321