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When booking Couples Massages book each person with a separate therapist and to ensure availability therapists must be available at the same time.




1. Select Therapist2. Select Service3. Select Date4. Select Time5. Finalize Appointment6. Enter Payment Information

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Add Microderm (Face) to any 60 minute Facial ($75.00)
Add Reiki to any massage
Add Microderm (Arms) to a facial or other Microderm treatmen... ($75.00)
Add Microderm (Decolletage) to a Facial or other Microderm t... ($50.00)
Add Microderm (Hands) to a facial or other Microderm treatme... ($35.00)
Add Microderm (Neck) to a Facial or other Microderm treatmen... ($40.00)
Add Blue LED Light to a Facial ($50.00)
Add Red LED Light to a Facial ($50.00)
Add Blue + Red LED Light to a Facial ($100.00)
Aromatherapy ($10.00)
Sugar Scrub on the feet ($10.00)
Sugar Scrub on the hands ($10.00)
Sugar Scrub on the back ($20.00)
Add a full body sugar scrub (45 minutes) ($55.00)
Shea Butter Treatment on hands ($10.00)
Shea Butter Treatment on feet ($10.00)
Shea Butter Treatment on back ($20.00)
Paraffin Hand Treatment 15 minutes ($10.00)
Eyebrow wax ($12.00)
Lip wax ($10.00)
Chin wax ($10.00)
Eyelash Tint ($20.00)
Eyebrow Tint ($20.00)
Hand Nail Therapy ($25.00)
Foot Nail Therapy ($30.00)
Mini Facial ($55.00)
Add hot stones to a Couples Massage ($15.00)
Add 30 minutes Foot Reflexology ($35.00)
Add 45 minutes Foot Reflexology ($50.00)
Add 60 minutes Foot Reflexology ($65.00)
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Welcome to our on-line appointment system

1. Select Therapist: choose which therapist you would like or select no preference to see all therapists' schedules.

2. Select Service: select from the pulldown menu which service you would like from our wide selection of massages and facials. Directly following this step you can select add-on services including aromatherapy, Shea butter treatments, a brow wax and foot reflexology.

3. Select Date: select the date on the calendar you wish to schedule your appointment. Online appointments can be made up to 60 days in advance. To schedule farther in advance please call during business hours.

4. Select Time: from the available schedule that is showing please select a start time for your appointment. Please note after you select the time you will need to log-in in order to proceed with finalizing your appointment.

5. Select/Enter Other Information: if you are a returning user please select this option and enter your login and password. If you don't have a login please select new user and enter your information. If you have special instructions for your therapist you can enter them in the Special Instructions box.

6. Enter Payment Information: you can choose whether to pay now online or pay at the time of service. Please make your selection and click on continue.


After your appointment has been confirmed you can print out a confirmation if you like. If you need to cancel your appointment select your appointment and click on cancel. Please follow our cancellation policies.