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Professional Massage Therapy

**Mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android may not be supported. Upgrades to accomodate them are anticipated early 2018**

1 "Block" on the schedule represents the start time(s) that will accomodate the ENTIRE APPOINTMENT you've selected. Please avoid booking on the 1/4 hour (xx:15, xx:45 )

**Important** Clients using our online scheduler MUST provide a VALID phone number AND email address. Appointments booked by new clients may be subject to phone confirmation, and any appointment with bogus entries in these fields will be void.

** Session not Booked until you click "Finalize Appointment" Please be sure you receive an email confirming your appointment**

 **Important Note about Couples Appointments** When booking Couples Massage ( side-by-side in the same room ) we need BOTH clients scheduled to assure therapists availabilty. The appointments need to be booked individulaly: Schedule person 1, return to the begining of the process, schedule person 2.

If the system does not allow a second person to be scheduled, it means there is not a second therapist available at that same time.

 We recomend people who wish to book Couples Massage to do do by phone. Please call 603-627-6678 to arrange that.

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